Its rare to pull together a mixed group of educationalists, technologists, policy makers, industry people and young people and simply ask – what next?

There was a real sense of energy in the room and with those joining the event virtually to reboot education and continue that debate.

As for the impact – the brave move for Becta would be to mainstream these events and ideas into the heart of their work.

It would be a great shame for this to be just another talking shop – and the students would switch us off.

Some were ambitious and would need major cash, but others were low cost and high impact. Imagine what we could do in a day or with the students there?

High octane speed networking, the challenge sessions / pitches and the pechu kucha style quickfire sessions.

Bringing Digital and Technology into Education

The way the digital media industry influences young people is both a threat and a real opportunity to education. As part of its “Fit for the Future” programme Becta has asked Just-b. Productions to independently bring together thinkers and doers from both these two worlds. We hope this participatory and distributed forum will break down walls between these two sectors, between big and small, between speaker and delegate, between real and remote participants and create fresh thinking on all sides. The process will help identify how education might evolve in a connected world. Building on existing events and research we want a growing community of movers and shakers from education and digital media to collaboratively design solutions to drive change. The findings will help Becta to shape future policy.

We are keen that this event will find pragmatic solutions that will help the journey towards 21st Century schools in a connected world. The best way to get something right is to ask the experts. We invite you: educational experts, digital gurus, policy influencers and ...crazy I know... learners, to design the programme with us. We would be grateful if you would help us decide which topics, speakers, delegates, case studies to include. Who should be there? How can we get the most out of the day? Schools across the UK are invited to become #BectaX Regional Nodes and to be part of the development process and the event. The will be asked to feed their thoughts, ideas and suggestions into the auditorium. If you are a teacher and want your school to take part in this world first educational experiment.